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A New Food Hall for Midtown

The Hugh, with a generous central seating area rimmed with trees, will have 17 restaurants, bars and food retailers.

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Forget offices: Young, hip New Yorkers bringing Midtown back

Residents and brokers who specialize in the area — known for aging office buildings and executives — say it has been transforming during the city’s recovery, getting younger, hipper and trendier.

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Midtown Manhattan Has a Pulse Again

Tourists, office workers and New Yorkers from other neighborhoods are returning to — and enjoying — the heart of the city.

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NYC’s midtown gets a cool indie makeover with hip new shops and restaurants

If you’re dreading the holiday trudge through touristy midtown this season, you’re in for a surprise: Rockefeller Center is rockin’!

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A Material Ecology Exhibition at the MoMA

Neri Oxman, designer and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, coined the term “material ecology” to describe techniques and objects that are informed by, and directly engage with, the structures, systems, and aesthetics of nature. An exclusive exhibition of artwork that explores Oxman’s ideas is now running at The Museum of Modern Art. Be sure to make the short trip from the Midtown condos at The Centrale to marvel in it. Then, reflect on what you've seen over lunch at a true New York landmark.

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